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Month: September 2021

The Future of the Fintech Industry

Fintalk #2. The Future of the Fintech Industry

Welcome to Fintalk. Today is our second episode of fintalk. This is a webinar series about FinTech, where we discuss business, product management development, marketing people, and generally, the future of the FinTech industry.

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What is tap to pay?

What Is Tap to Pay?

What is the most convenient way to pay for a purchase? Most of us don’t think about how we pay for what we buy. But if we asked you this question, your answer would probably be – Visa Tap to P

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Cash: the enemy of financial inclusion

Cash: the enemy of financial inclusion

Micro merchants and SMEs are the backbones of the world economy. They are the world’s largest employers and process trillions of dollars a year in payments. However, even in markets where most consumers have cards, they are largely cash-dependent. This is impractical, inefficient, and comes at a high societal cost. Luckily it might be about to change…

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