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Riga, Latvia


MeaPay is an IT company developing solutions for mobile contactless payments such as Apple Pay / Google Pay and other “Pays” for banks, issuers, based on the latest standards from international payment schemes such as VISA/Mastercard/Amex.


  • Work with medium and high complexity projects (B and C cat)
  • Work with both Test and Production environments
  • Cover the technical aspects of product delivery to the customer
  • Key/Certificate management (key generation, key exchange with payment network Mastercard/VISA, key exchange with customer
  • Product configuration and customer onboarding
  • Troubleshooting and investigation of issues (read logs, understand solutions)
  • Establish technical connectivity with customer (SSL, VPN, etc.)
  • Manage customer specific development work (specify the technical integration tasks; create and follow up on tasks for development; specify deployment requirements)
  • Communicate to customer (technical level)
  • Collaborate with project manager


Required skills and competencies

  • Mandatory: Technical mindset
  • Mandatory: Knowledge about data exchange and security standards
  • Mandatory: Experience with DB data management
  • Mandatory: Experience working with technical logs, big data
  • Mandatory: Communication skills
  • Optional: Experience in solution architecture, infrastructure, development, deployment
  • Optional: Experience in product maintenance, configuration

Leadership Criteria

Minimum Qualifications

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